Choosing the right vegetable oils for your skin type!

Vegetable oils really bring wonders to the skin. Some vegetable oils hydrates, some heals, some protects, some illuminates, some rejuvenates and some firms up the skin. They are very versatile, you can use them by itself, mix with essential oils or make into tinctures for different remedies.

These are the qualities of Florame vegetable oils, a good guide when comparing different brands and qualities of vegetable oils.

Choosing oils with high therapeutic qualities

What makes Florame organic vegetable oils different:

1. Certified organic

Only uncontaminated plants can fully retain their complete therapeutic properties, therefore it is important to choose certified organic oils with no preservatives, fragrances, additives, adulteration and 100% pure.

2. Geo-authentic, sourced from where they grow best

Such as how Argan is uniquely Morrocan and Tamanu is originated from South East Asia, Madagascar or Caledonia. Each plant is sourced from their origins.

3. First cold pressed

Many vegetable oils or base oils on the market label themselves as cold pressed, but did you know that there are different temperatures for cold pressing too? Florame vegetable oils are cold pressed at temperatures below 40°C, which means lower yield but higher potency.

4. Certified Fair Trade

Fair For Life certified: argan, hazelnut, castor and sesame oil.

Find right oil for your skin type

Here’s a guide of different vegetable oils and which is most suitable for different skin types.

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