30 years of organic aromatherapy,
with proven efficacy.
Florame 2

Why Florame essential oil works best?

Because we ensure they are complete.

100% Complete

Delicate processing
from plant to bottle,
encapsulating the full
therapeutic potency of
the botanical plant.

Organic & Wildcrafted

Retaining complete
therapeutic characteristics of the plant.

100% Pure

by synthetic

Proudly France

Made in Saint Remy de
Provence, located at the
heart of France.

Florame pop

Since 1990

Over 29 years of
experience in the organic
essential oils industry.

Ancestral Wisdom

Extracting highest
grade essential oils using
wisdom passed on
through generations.

Quality Control

In house lab to ensure the
highest standard of quality
is implemented.

Botanically & Biochemically
Defined (EOBBD)

The highest quality standard for therapeutic grade essential oils,
complying with rigorous standards in tracing their:
• Geographical origin
• Botanical descriptions
• Organoleptic characteristics
• Extraction mode
• Full physical & chemical analyses