Earth-friendly, yet effective. 

We curate world’s best performing Earth-friendly beauty brands, all under one roof.

Almost every skincare product on the market today describes itself as natural, organic or pure. We know it’s just a marketing buzzword, but it sells. Any one of these so-called “natural” products may contain more than 20 artificial ingredients. Man-made chemicals do not care for the skin. They pollute the skin just as they pollute the air and the environment.


There are thousands of skincare brands, but only a handful are truly organic and preserved without synthetic preservatives. Therefore, Raw Nature was founded with a bold and simple goal—to bring 100% organic beauty to Malaysians without sacrificing their money and health, yet without compromising on the results.


Throughout a decade since we started in 2009, Raw Nature has worked with a range of world-leading organic skincare brands such as Florame (France), Abloom (The Netherlands), Living Nature (New Zealand), Inika Organic (Australia) and Solimara (New Zealand).


Along this journey, we have been blessed to discover many like-minded people who understand the power of nature and the importance of our health when it comes to beauty. Most of all, they share our passion for using only the most natural and organic ingredients in their products.


We are very careful with every single ingredient in our products, right from where they were planted. They are 100% organically grown and harvested as pure and potent raw ingredients. These ingredients are then processed sustainably before being tested thoroughly for their efficacy, making them on par or even better than synthetic alternatives. Finally, they are packed with eco-friendly packaging into world-class Earth-friendly organic skincare.


Raw Nature is proud to carry the most comprehensive range of organic beauty brands and products in Malaysia. From artisanal to worldwide brands, from make-up to sunscreen and aromatherapy range, we have the world’s best organic beauty products, all under one roof.


For Raw Nature, bravery is a guiding principle and our motivation. Just as we boldly seek out new all-natural alternatives for our customers, we also value their courage to try something new!


That’s why, for us:
“Bravery is the New Beauty”