Plant Oils: The Most Versatile Moisture Lock For All Skin Types

Yes, even if you have acne-prone or oily skin

Plant oils are skincare’s most versatile moisture lock, leaving you with hydrated skin with that extra glow.

Layered on as the last step in your routine after moisturizer, the lipids in these oils are the key ingredient in locking in moisture to keep your skin plump and radiant without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

Although it’s an extra step in your skincare routine, however, the benefits will make it worth it.

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What Are Plant Oils?

Plant oils or organic vegetable oils are fatty substances that are extracted carefully from an oilseed plant.

There are different methods of extraction, namely cold pressed and macerated oils, Florame’s cold pressed oils are 100% pure without any additives or fragrances, except for Argan Oil which is deodorised.

Macerated oils on the other hand, involve infusing parts of a dried medicinal plant (flowers, flower heads, roots, etc.) in an oil base.

Maceration uses solar power to draw out the botanical plant benefits, hence this can only be done during the summer when there is enough sunlight. Plants like St. John’s Wort and Calendula can’t be extracted via cold press, so macerating them in olive oil is the best way to get the maximum benefits of these healing plants.

It’s safe to say that these beneficial oils form an occlusive seal over the skin and even hair, enabling active ingredients to penetrate through the epidermis and working their magic! 

Why Do I Need Plant Oils?

Plant oils help our skin maintain a healthy oil balance as our epidermis decreases in natural oils with age and environmental factors. So, having a face oil as a step after moisturizer is vital as it acts as a moisture seal to your skin. And the best part is that it leaves your skin with a satin and glowy finish!

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A vital step to your everyday skincare essentials 

The Florame Organic Plant Oils are cold-pressed from 100% natural and pure extracts from the very best organic oilseed plants, with no additives, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. 

Suitable for all skin types (yes, even for oily or blemish-prone skin), use a beauty oil to help keep your skin from dehydration, breakouts and pre-mature aging.

Would Plant Oils Clog My Pores?

With concerns that face oils would clog pores, the trick is to pick facial oils with a smaller molecular size that will easily be absorbed into your skin without clogging your pores.

How Organic is Organic?

There are a lot of skincare products in the market today that prides themselves as being organic or pure, but on the flipside are made from more than 20 artificial ingredients. 

Florame, headquartered in the Provence region of France, has been an expert and pioneer in organic cosmetics since 1990. From the steam distillation process to production, all Florame oils are 100% natural and carefully and sustainably extracted from the most organic plants found. 

Florame is also certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS standards.

Florame’s careful sustainable harvesting process also ensures all their products are either Geo-Authentic or Certified Fair Trade.

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Are Plant Oils and Essential Oils The Same?

Well, to answer this simply, no. They are different and have different functions. 

Vegetable oils or plant oils are fatty substances from an oilseed plant, meaning a plant whose seeds, nuts or fruits contain lipids. They make the plant capable of producing an oil composed of triglycerides. 

Essential oils are more complex than vegetable oils as it is an aromatic plant essence that is obtained through steam distillation. 

Macerated oils are infusions of medicinal plant extracts in virgin oil. To obtain it, the flowers go through solar maceration in an oily base. After several weeks, the preparation is filtered, and the resulting oil is thus full of active ingredients from the flowers.

Since macerated oils are based on herbs, they often have similar properties to essential oils extracted from the same parts of the same plants, though they are much less potent.

How to Use Plant Oils?

Plant oils are the ideal carriers to be used in combination with essential oils and Aloe Vera gel which give your skin a refreshing and nourishing boost! 

They can be applied directly to the face, the body or the hair:

• Facial care: makeup remover, protective and nutritive skincare

• Hair care: restorative treatment before washing

• Body care: nutritional, protective and repairing skincare used for massages

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What Kind of Plant Oil Is The Best For You?

Looking for the best face oils for glowing skin? Look no further as we’ve got you covered with 3 recommendations for your skin needs.

For Dry to Normal Skin

If you have dry and sensitive skin, the Florame Organic Avocado Oil is one of the most renowned vegetable oils with regenerative properties, particularly adapted to dry skin and delicate areas. 

From dry patches on your limbs to needing that extra vitality and bounce to your hair, use the Avocado oil for that instant hydration and nourishment!

Tip: Lightly massage organic Avocado oil for skin around your eyes in the morning and evening to keep your eye contour that extra boost every day.

Florame Avocado ORG Vegetable Oil 50ml

For Combination to Oily Skin

We recommend the Florame Organic Jojoba Oil for skin that’s oily as it helps regain balance and removes excess sebum from your epidermis or scalp. 

Thanks to its oil control benefits, this divine beauty oil is an ideal plant oil for when used as a hair mask or straight on the roots.

Tip: Add an egg yolk to 2 tablespoons of organic Jojoba oil and massage gently on damp hair for 10 to 20 minutes for a DIY balancing hair mask on a self-care Friday night!

Florame Jojoba ORG Vegetable Oil 50ml

For Mature Skin

Renowned for its purifying and restorative properties, the Florame Organic Rose Hip Oil prevents aging of the skin and it’s recommended for mature and devitalized skin.

The properties in Rose Hip Oil for skin restores the skin’s youth and suppleness – making it an essential addition to  anti-aging skincare. Say farewell to brown spots and skin pigmentation!

Tip: Rose Hip Oil is the best face oil to apply every night before bed as it accelerates skin regeneration and improves skin elasticity overnight.

Florame Rosehip ORG Vegetable Oil 50ml

Get Your Glow On

It’s vital to know that both moisturizer and plant oil work hand-in-hand in maintaining an overall healthy skincare routine. Identify which oil works best on your skin, make sure that it is 100% organic, and let the oils do the rest.

Have a browse at the range of Florame Organic Plant Oils we have at the RAW Nature online shop and get your glow on!


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