Florame Coco Coconut ORG Vegetable Oil, 50ml

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Organic Virgin Coconut Vegetable Oil, renowned for its nourishing properties , is particularly suitable for the care of dry hair. It is also used for fragile skin that it protects and softens.


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Why Florame vegetable oils?

1.Certified organic

Only uncontaminated plants can fully retain their complete therapeutic properties:

  • 100% pure
  • no preservatives
  • no additives
  • no adulteration
  • no synthetic fragrances

2. Geo-authentic

Plants are sourced from origins where they grow best.

3. First cold pressed

Pressed at low temperatures to obtain optimum healing properties:

  • temperature between 37°C to 40°C
  • lower yield but higher potency

4. Certified Fair Trade

Fair For Life: argan, hazelnut, castor & sesame oil.


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Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

How to Use

Used pure, it is perfect for a body massage. For a facial treatment, apply the oil in light massages on perfectly cleansed skin. For a hair mask, apply the oil all over the hair, or just on the ends, and leave on for 30 minutes before shampooing.


Known to become solid at temperatures below 25 ° C. Place the bottle under a stream of hot water before use to ensure a liquid oil.


It is recommended for fragile skin that it protects and softens. Very rich in vitamins, it contains lauric acid which has a purifying action. Nourishes and softens weakened skin and dry hair.



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Florame’s expertise:

  1. Organic or wildcrafted: Guarantees traceability from the producer to finished products.
  2. >30 years expertise, since 1990: 3 decades of experience in organic essential oil industry.
  3. Ancestral wisdom: Extracting highest therapeutic grade essential oils using wisdom passed down through generations.
  4. Quality control: In house lab to ensure the highest standard is upkept.
  5. Proudly France: Located in St.Remy de Provence, the heart of France.
  6. Botanically & biochemically defined: The highest quality standard for therapeutic grade essential oils, complying with rigorous standards in tracing their: • Geographical origin • Botanical descriptions • Organoleptic characteristics • Extraction mode • Full physical & chemical analyses




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