Florame Bergamot Organic Essential Oil


Made from cold expression of bergamot’s peel, Florame’s certified organic Bergamot Essential Oil is botanically and biologically defined. No synthetic ingredients, no dilution with other essential oils, no modification made to their natural composition, Florame’s certified organic Bergamot Essential Oil guarantee to be of the purest and highest quality.

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Citrus aurantium bergamia



Italian or Turkish, the mystery persists as to the exact origin of the bergamot tree, halfway between the bitter orange and the lemon tree. Cold expression is obtained from fresh zest. It is one of the components of Eau de Cologne and scents the famous Nancy bergamot. Bergamot oil has calming and balancing properties and promotes sleep. Its delicate fragrance offers a most elegant olfactory decor and its subtle flavor will flavor your most refined dishes. In diffusion, you avoid any risk of photosensitization.

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Organic Bergamot

How to Use

FOOD FLAVOR. Manual. For foodstuffs: limited uses. Use at 0.1% maximum.


Keep away from sunlight and heat.


Very photosensitizing essence: do not expose to the sun after ingestion. Do not use by the cutaneous way (photosensitization and irritation). Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, or in children under 7 years old. Do not use in people with a history of seizures and / or allergic to essential oils. Consult a doctor for any therapeutic indication or any oral treatment.


Bergamot oil has calming and balancing properties and promotes sleep.


10ml, 30ml



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Florame’s expertise:

  1. Organic or wildcrafted: Guarantees traceability from the producer to finished products.
  2. >30 years expertise, since 1990: 3 decades of experience in organic essential oil industry.
  3. Ancestral wisdom: Extracting highest therapeutic grade essential oils using wisdom passed down through generations.
  4. Quality control: In house lab to ensure the highest standard is upkept.
  5. Proudly France: Located in St.Remy de Provence, the heart of France.
  6. Botanically & biochemically defined: The highest quality standard for therapeutic grade essential oils, complying with rigorous standards in tracing their: • Geographical origin • Botanical descriptions • Organoleptic characteristics • Extraction mode • Full physical & chemical analyses


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