FL Diffusion ELIO Ultrasonic Diffuser


ELIO is a Florame Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, the perfect combination of a refined decorative lamp and a source of well-being. Its sleek lines and wavy, frosted white glass cover will add a touch of timeless elegance to your home. Its different cold diffusion modes will preserve the integrity of your essential oils.

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The Florame ELIO Ultrasonic Diffuser diffuses gently to preserve the properties of essential oils. Thanks to its simple, intuitive settings, you can create the fragrance and light ambiance that suits you. Easy to use, simply place 3 to 6 drops in the water tank and plug in the diffuser. The Elio Diffuser can be used with Florame organic Essential Oils on their own or in a blend, or Florame organic diffuser compositions. The Elio diffuser is suitable for an area of around 30 square meters.

ELIO features:
• An elegant design that enhances your home
• Noble materials: frosted glass cover
• A lamp function: you can switch the light on or off during diffusion
• Multiple diffusion programs
• Adjustable diffusion rate
• Power suitable for large rooms (up to 30 square meters)
• Automatic switch-off when the water tank is empty

Instructions for use:
• Connect the adaptor tip to the back of the diffuser base, then lift the glassware to access the reservoir.
• Remove the reservoir cover and fill the reservoir to the mark with mineral water.
Pour a few drops (3 to 6 drops) of your Florame Essential Oil or your Florame diffuser composition into the reservoir and replace the cover on the reservoir.
Carefully replace the glassware on its base and plug the adapter into a power outlet. Select your cycle, diffusion rate and desired light intensity.
Enjoy a delicately scented atmosphere



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Florame’s expertise:

  1. Organic or wildcrafted: Guarantees traceability from the producer to finished products.
  2. >30 years expertise, since 1990: 3 decades of experience in organic essential oil industry.
  3. Ancestral wisdom: Extracting highest therapeutic grade essential oils using wisdom passed down through generations.
  4. Quality control: In house lab to ensure the highest standard is upkept.
  5. Proudly France: Located in St.Remy de Provence, the heart of France.
  6. Botanically & biochemically defined: The highest quality standard for therapeutic grade essential oils, complying with rigorous standards in tracing their: • Geographical origin • Botanical descriptions • Organoleptic characteristics • Extraction mode • Full physical & chemical analyses


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