Florame Ultrasound Plug-in Diffuser


The Florame Ultrasonic Essential Oils Diffuser is discreetly invited to your home for a powerful and silent diffusion while preserving the integrity of your Organic Essential Oils.
Discreet and practical with rotating grip . Diffusion of organic essential oils by ultrasound. Equipped with a light detector , the plug diffuser offers 3 diffusion programs to suit all your desires.

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Perfect for purifying the ambient air, neutralizing bad smells or creating a dynamic, relaxing or refreshing atmosphere, this ultrasonic diffuser of essential oils is easy to use, it can be plugged in any room, at the office or on vacation .

This ultrasonic grip diffuser offers 3 diffusion cycles of essential oils:

. 1st press: spray of mist every 10 seconds over a period of 4 hours.
. 2nd press: spraying mist every 10 seconds over a period of 8 hours.
. 3rd press: a spray of mist every 10 seconds until manual interruption.
. 4th press: extinction.

Each cycle can be adjusted to diffuse the essential oils day and night by positioning the button on “sun moon” or only when the light intensity is high enough by placing the button on the “Sun moon crossed out” position.

The advantages of the ultrasonic plug diffuser:

. Silent
. Easy to use

It adapts to 10ml and 30ml Florame essential oil bottles.

Contains 3 diffusion wicks (2x10ml and 1x30ml)

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How to Use

Diffusion cycles : The release cycle is selected by pressing the single button of the diffuser: – 1 st pressure: 1 spray mist every 10 seconds for 4 hours – 2 nd pressure: 1 spray mist every 10 seconds 8:00 – 3 rd pressure: 1 spray mist every 10 seconds until manually stopped – 4 th pressure: stop diffuseur.Chaque cycle can be set to broadcast day and night by setting the dial to "Sun Moon ”or only when the light intensity is sufficient by setting the button to the“ Sun Moon crossed out ”position Directions for use : All you have to do is remove the dropper from your bottle of Essential Oil or Florame Composition to insert a suitable diffusion wick and screw it into your Prize Diffuser to enjoy a delicately scented atmosphere.


Atmospheric diffusion does not present any particular risk because the quantity of essential oils inhaled is very low, but not all essential oils diffuse. Check the use of the essential oil you want to diffuse.



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Florame’s expertise:

  1. Organic or wildcrafted: Guarantees traceability from the producer to finished products.
  2. >30 years expertise, since 1990: 3 decades of experience in organic essential oil industry.
  3. Ancestral wisdom: Extracting highest therapeutic grade essential oils using wisdom passed down through generations.
  4. Quality control: In house lab to ensure the highest standard is upkept.
  5. Proudly France: Located in St.Remy de Provence, the heart of France.
  6. Botanically & biochemically defined: The highest quality standard for therapeutic grade essential oils, complying with rigorous standards in tracing their: • Geographical origin • Botanical descriptions • Organoleptic characteristics • Extraction mode • Full physical & chemical analyses


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