Abloom Essential Set (5x15ml)


This luxurious set contains ABLOOM’s essentials for soft, radiant and hydrated skin.

5x15ml bottles: Miracle Oil, Soothing Lotion, Purifying Cleanser, Day and Night Cream.

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The Essentail set consists of 5x15ml bottles: Miracle Treatment Oil, Soothing Lotion, Purifying Cleanser, Day Cream and Night Cream. Mix and match the products to give your skin what it needs.

Add water to the cleanser and remove daily dirt. Please be aware that the cleanser is not suitable for removing eye make-up.

The Soothing Lotion can be used as a light moisturiser or as a serum. When used as a serum, follow with day or night cream.

The Miracle Oil can be used stand-alone (in this case use it as a last step of your care routine) or mix a few drops with day or night cream for an additional boost to your moisturiser.

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Time is our secret ingredient

ABLOOM is organic, raw, vegan and cruelty free..

but above all ABLOOM is Slow Skincare. Slow skincare is a delicate, artisanal 3-month process in which the highest quality, organic, raw ingredients are transformed into a powerful extract. It starts with a careful selection of flowers, herbs, algae and plants, all known for their healing and nurturing botanical effects. Next up? Cold pressing! Three times. During this time our extracts are never heated above body-temperature, preserving all the natural strength and potency of the raw ingredients. It’s the only way to make sure we catch every last drop of nature’s magic.
Abloom slow skincare LOGO Copper CMYK 768x422 1


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